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Solana Smart Contract Audit

Solana is an open-source blockchain project, based on Proof of History merge with proof of stake consensus of blockchain. It supports non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and a variety of decentralized applications (dApps). Solana smart contracts are written in Rust language which makes Solana audit different from other languages like solidity. Once deployed, Solana contracts can be interacted with by other external blockchains.

Build Trust:

Safeguard your community trust in your Solana project, get a Solana smart contract audit by web3 security pioneer.

Preventable Errors:

Get your Solana contract audited to ensure your code is free of preventable errors.

Code Correctness:

Having executive-level expertise in Solana Audit, they perform delicate code testing, ensuring code optimization and correctness of the code.

Reliability & Scalability:

Get a Solana audit and make sure that your protocol is free from loopholes that could question its reliability and scalability.

Why Audit Your Solana Contract?

01 - Identify

A Solana smart contract audit would identify the adheres and suggest the best security practices.

02 - Trust

A Solana Audit helps instill a greater trust of the investors and users.

03 - Protect

A Solana Audit helps to enhance the performance of the contract while safeguarding from cyberattacks.

Roadmap Of The Solana Audit

Security Scan:

To understand the initial systems and the working of the codebase, rigorous internal discussion is done on the whitepaper and architecture.

Detect Contract Vulnerabilities:

After gathering all required resources, the Solana audit starts with discernment/diagnosis of the misbehaviour in the contract along with the validation of business logics.


The comprehensive audit report consists of the escape clauses found with possible alleviations along with the scope for improvement.

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Why Audit From BlockApex

Experienced Auditors:

We are a team of highly skilled auditors with executive-level expertise in Solana audit.

Quality Audit:

Since day one BlockApex aims to fortify the move towards decentralization by providing quality Solana audit.

Efficient Process:

Once the duration is negotiated with the client, the Solana audit is done without any kind of delay.

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A. Why does a Solana smart contract need an audit?

Solana is acquiring enormous popularity, which draws an increasing number of hackers. Investors and users place a higher premium on contracts that need a credible third party to ensure the security of their investment.

B. How much does a Solana audit cost?

The cost of a Solana audit depends on the code complexity and number of lines of code of the smart contact.

C. What will you get after Solana audit?

Incorporating a security audit prior to launch dramatically increases trust in the protocol and its users. Security audits provide an additional layer of safety, security and assurance to blockchain protocols by bringing together traditional security processes with smart contract auditing.

D. What common vulnerabilities can be found in Solana smart contract?

Gas optimization issues, reentrancy, msg.sender privleges and integer overflow issues are common vulnerabilities that can be found in smart contracts.

E. Do BlockApex also do NFT Audits?

Yes, we have a great expertise in doing NFT smart contract audits.

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