Polygon audit

Polygon Smart Contract Audit

Polygon is a decentralized scaling platform and framework of Ethereum. Polygon authorizes developers to build DApps compatible with Ethereum. Polygon is the most-exploited cryptocurrency project after BSC and ETH. Since 2022, ten projects lost nearly $22 million due to smart contract vulnerability exploits. Polygon’s average exploit value is relatively low compared to other chains due to its adaptability in the blockchain ecosystem.

Build Trust:

Safeguard your community trust in your polygon project, get a polygon smart contract audit by web3 security pioneer.

Code Correctness:

Having executive-level expertise in polygon audit, they perform delicate code testing, ensuring code optimization and correctness of the code.

Preventable Errors:

Get your polygon contract audited to ensure your code is free of preventable errors.

Reliability & Scalability:

Get a polygon audit and make sure that your protocol is free from loopholes that could question its reliability and scalability.

Why you should have Polygon smart contract audit?

01 - Loophole Scan

Security vulnerabilities in the code are an Achilles heel in any polygon smart contract which needs to be fixed before the main net launch.

02 - Code Misbehaviour

A polygon smart contract audit eliminates the code’s misbehavior and highlights security flaws. A single vulnerability in the code base could allow millions of dollars to be wiped out quickly

03 - Value Creation

A verified smart contract by an auditing firm would be an assurance that the contract is fair, valid, and credible, thus it will create value in the market.

Roadmap of Polygon Smart Contract Audit


We perform a security review of the Polygon protocol and token standard to ensure compliance with the Polygon protocol and token standard.


Using code testing and manual code reviews with fuzzing, we find vulnerabilities that have been overlooked by other developers.


By identifying risks to the business and gathering information, we work with clients so they can build a roadmap of mitigation strategies and implement these strategies during the reporting period.

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Why Audit From BlockApex

Experienced Auditors:

We are a team of highly skilled auditors with executive-level expertise in polygon audit.

Quality Audit:

Since day one BlockApex aims to fortify the move towards decentralization by providing quality polygon audit.

Efficient Process:

Once the duration is negotiated with the client, the polygon audit is done without any kind of delays.

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A. What are the specifics of Polygon?
Polygon is a stack of protocols designed to fix Ethereum’s scalability issues. The Polygon network addresses the network’s challenges by handling transactions on a separate Ethereum-compatible blockchain. Polygon then returns transactions to the main Ethereum blockchain post-processing. This approach lowers the network load on Ethereum while still allowing it to process very high transaction volumes. In doing so, Polygon can speed up transactions and lower transaction costs to less than a cent.
B. What benefits does a company get by passing a Polygon contract audit?
Protocols enhance their value by strengthening the trust and confidence in the project. Protocols with a smart contract audit will show that they are providing value to the community.
C. Where can I find examples of Polyon smart contract audit reports?
You can find polygon smart contract audit reports here: https://blockapexlabs.io/audit-reports/
D. What does an Polygon Smart Contract audit include?
It includes the Recon phase where we understand the code and the Testing phase where we write different test cases to check the code security and do a manual code review to look for any loop-hole in the code.
E. How much does a Polygon audit cost?
The cost of a polygon audit depends on the code complexity and number of lines of code of the smart contact.

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