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BNB Smart Contract Audit

Binance Smart Chain is a standalone blockchain network developed for running smart contract-based applications. Such smart contracts, which are in tune with Ethereum, are supported by Binance smart chain. BSC runs alongside Binance's native, Binance Chain (BC), which allows users to get the high transaction capacity of the Binance chain and the smart contract functionality of the Binance smart contract.

Build Trust:

Safeguard your community trust in your BNB project, get a BNB smart contract audit by web3 security pioneer.

Preventable Errors:

Get your BNB contract audited to ensure your code is free of preventable errors.

Code Correctness:

Having executive-level expertise in BNB audit, they perform delicate code testing, ensuring code optimization and correctness of the code.

Reliability & Scalability:

Get a BNB audit and make sure that your protocol is free from loopholes that could question its reliability and scalability.

Why Should You Get a BNB Audit?

01 - Optimization

A BNB Audit would help you get a better insight and would enable the protocol to get more optimized.

02 - Errors Prevention

As critical vulnerabilities could cause a great loss of funds a BNB Audit would help prevent any catastrophic errors.

03 - Protection

Having a BNB Audit completed would increase the trust of prospective users when they consider investing.

Execution Of The BNB Smart Contract Audit


The auditors evaluate the business logic behind your BNB Chain smart contract in order to run an extensive security analysis.


The auditors then conduct testing on different grounds such as validating the algorithms along with stimulating the possible attack vectors.


The findings are then detailed in a document that indicates all the critical and moderate vulnerabilities found including their mitigations.

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Why Audit From BlockApex

Experienced Auditors:

We are a team of highly skilled auditors that have executive-level expertise in BNB audits.

Quality Audit:

Since day one BlockApex aims to fortify the move towards decentralization by providing quality BNB audit.

Efficient Process:

Once the duration is negotiated with the client, the BNB audit is done without any kind of delay.

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A. What will you get after a BNB audit?

Protocols that use a smart contract audit will provide value to their communities by increasing trust in their teams and protocols. Having a security audit prior to launch drastically increases trust in the protocol and its users.

B. What does a BNB audit report include?

During the Recon phase, we will get a detailed look at the security of your code, with examples that show how it works. We will test your code by writing different test cases to check for potential bugs and vulnerabilities. Then we will practice manual code review where we will look over the code to make sure anything we find doesn't introduce any new vulnerabilities into your contract.

C. How much does a BNB audit cost?

The cost of a BNB audit depends on the code complexity and number of lines of code of that smart contact.

D. How do BSC smart contract hacks and exploits compare to other chains?

BSC is the second largest chain that has been exploited after ethereum chain.

E. How much money have BSC smart contracts lost due to hacks?

Almost 129 projects lost $759 million in on-chain exploits.

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