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Near Smart Contract Audit

NEAR is a decentralized application platform with the potential to change how systems are designed, how applications are built, and how the web itself works. With an extremely flexible design and innovative implementation, NEAR provides developers and protocols with a friction-free, scalable technology to build and operate applications that secure high-value assets, while making them performant and usable enough for consumers to access.

Build Trust:

Safeguard your community trust in your NEAR project, get a NEAR smart contract audit by web3 security pioneer.

Preventable Errors:

Get your NEAR contract audited to ensure your code is free of preventable errors.

Code Correctness:

Having executive-level expertise in NEAR audit, they perform delicate code testing, ensuring code optimization and correctness of the code.

Reliability & Scalability:

Get a NEAR audit and make sure that your protocol is free from loopholes that could question its reliability and scalability.

Why you should have a Near smart contract audit?

01 - Vulnerability Detection

Near smart contracts are built in Rust programming language and it has a vast scope of attacks due to its adaptability so there might be possibilities of untapped vulnerabilities in it.

02 - Adaption

Due to the minimal adaptability of Near blockchain, its attack vectors are still unclear for devs to follow the best practices.

03 - Preservation

Since Rust is way more complex than solidity it might create code flaws that are still unknown to devs.

Roadmap of Near Protocol Audit


To ensure compliance with the Near protocol and token standard for a smart contract, we perform a security review of the protocol.


After conducting proper testing through various tools and manual code review with fuzzing, we analyze the attack vectors and come up with our findings.


By identifying the risks that a protocol might face, we gather information and work with clients to build a roadmap of mitigation strategies and implement these strategies during the audit period.

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Why Audit From BlockApex

Experienced Auditors:

We are a team of highly skilled auditors with executive-level expertise in a NEAR audit.

Quality Audit:

Since day one BlockApex aims to fortify the move towards decentralization by providing quality NEAR audit.

Efficient Process:

Once the duration is negotiated with the client, a NEAR audit is done without any kind of delay.


A. What will you get after a near audit?

Protocols with a near smart contract audit will show that they are providing value to the community. Having a security audit prior to launch drastically increases trust in the protocol and its users.

B. What does the Near smart contract audit include?

It includes the Recon phase where we understand the code and the Testing phase where we write different test cases to check the code security and do a manual code review to look for any loop-hole in the code.

C. How much does a Near audit cost?

The cost of Near audit depends on the code complexity and number of lines of code of the smart contact.

D. What is nightshade technology?

Nightshade provides scalability and efficiency to the blockchain with its hierarchical sharding algorithm, which allows it to execute up to 100,000 tps very low cost. It uses fewer resources and helps NEAR blockchain be more environment friendly.

E. What common vulnerabilities can be found in a smart contract?

Some common vulnerabilities that can be found in a smart contract are gas optimization issues, reentrancy, and integer overflow issues.

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