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We provide dynamic security solutions to dispense protection against breaches, intrusions, and manipulations in the web 3.0 realm.

About Dapp security Audit


DApp security describes security measures taken to prevent data or code from being stolen or hijacked. It encompasses the security considerations that happen during application development and design, but it also involves systems and approaches to protect apps after they get deployed.


With advancements and breakthroughs in the existing paradigms of blockchain technology, there will always be a rising necessity for anti-hacks in place.


Security and fortification are essential for each platform on web 3.0. Progression towards optimal efficiency, interoperability, and utility ultimately leads to a need for safer and more secure infrastructure.

BlockApex Bot Cybersecurity

DApp Attack Surfaces:


    • A malpractitioner can enter the database if vulnerabilities are present there and cause huge loss.
    • The front-end of any application is also essential, any minute loophole there could cause millions of dollars in loss
    • A malicious person could also get access through the functionalities present in the application, if they get compromised, assets loss chances are high.
  • 02 - Off-Chain Elements

    • The data stored off-chain is attractive for malicious entity and also cause them to seep through security walls and cause monetary loss.
    • If the firewalls of the systems are not their intended work, there is a high chance that a bad actor could access through
    • A malicious actor usually looks for off-chain vulnerability and exploits the system to drain out valuable digital assets.
  • 03 - On-Chain Transactions:

    • To make sure that security is at an optimum level, all the extensions added to the search engines need to be fully secured.
    • Signatures used to verify transactions -should not be compromised which allows a bad actor to have access to the funds.
    • On-chain security ensures that the intended functions are working properly cutting all the bad actors out of the system.

Security Consultancy & Solutions

Penetration Testing

Our team of bespoken ethical hackers for critical security inspection use the latest offensive security tools to find vulnerabilities in the web, mobile, and decentralized ecosystems to exploit them in a controlled manner and propose countermeasures.

Off-Chain Security

DApps being a cardinal part of web3 should also be secured from web2 end, for that BlockApex provide off-chain security services and secure the DApp from every end.

Threat Modeling

Threat modeling helps detect the threat agents which cause harm to your project. BlockApex security experts let you identify threats that exist beyond canned attacks uniquely according to your system.

Adaptive Security Training

To cover all the issues surrounding the cybersecurity ecosystem, BlockApex provides sessions and practical training to the people who are handling or exposed to sensitive information.

Blockchain Quality Assurance

Blockchain quality assurance is a deep automated code review done to testify to the systems’ behavior, functionality, and scalability. For a well-ordered and reliable blockchain quality assurance, BlockApex interjects itself with the code in an agile manner from the beginning stage of development.


Is my firewall enough?

Firewalls are often listed among the top methods of protecting your systems against malware attacks. But, what if the data that you receive is already infected and comes from a trustworthy sender. Most security analysts argue firewalls are not 100% effective and can become ineffective in many cases.

Why do employees need cybersecurity training?

It is crucial for the employees working in an organization to get adaptive security training by which they will get to know the techniques of the most possible data breaches that can happen to them to reduce the span of this kind of attack. It is found that 93% of all breaches investigated are traced back to a carelessly-opened email, malicious link, or other employee mishaps.

What Information is needed from the client for pen-testing?

Information needed for Web Application Pentesting:
-> Subdomains, URLs, Code Repositories, Third-party
-> If the application is already live on the internet then create a staging environment for pentesting.

Information needed for Mobile Application Pentesting:
-> If the mobile application is on android then send the .apk if it's on iOS then send .ipa.
-> Provide two .apk/.ipa files, one with SSL Pinning enabled and the other with SSL Pinning not enabled.

Am I really at risk for cyber-attacks?

If you own a mobile app/Web app or any kind of system that is connected to the internet then you are surely at risk of cyber-attacks.

How much does Pentesting/VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing) cost?

The cost of penetration testing can be realized by its system scope like the number of domains/Sub-domains, applications in scope and according to the estimated time it takes, through this, the cost can be realized.

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