Contingency Model

Never pay for an Audit again! Yes, you heard it right!

Find Out What BlockApex Is Doing Differently!

Problem - DeFi & NFT Hacks

As of today, a $3.4 billion funds loss against 102 Defi exploits has happened. Whereas the NFT hacks have led to almost $52 billion in the first four months of 2022.


Security is fundamental for the protocols, to ensure that your protocol is actually secured, only pay when the auditors save it! Follow the contingency model and pay for only the found bugs!

Unaligned Interest

Unaligned Interest

There are a lot of highly skilled auditors working in the web3 space, unfortunately, their interests are not aligned with the protocol’s safety.

Audit Charged Regardless of Outcome

The industry's current practices involve auditors are paid irrespective of the outcome of the audit.

Focus On Quantity Over Quality

The industry's current practices involve auditors are paid irrespective of the outcome of the audit.

No Verification

The audit report doesn’t contain any kind of verification that the business logics are correctly incubated in the smart contract.

Defi Hacks In The Web3 Space

Execution of  Smart Contract Audit

Never pay for an audit again! We only get paid when we find bugs!

Aligned Interest:

Since BlockApex was established, the quality of audits are top-notched resulting in aligned interest with the clients.

Quality Control Model:

BlockApex’s highly talent-condensed auditors sift through every line of code to extract bugs.

Free Audit if No Bugs Found:

Yes you heard it right, BlockApex won’t charge you a penny if our auditors couldn’t find a bug.

Get a Free Audit If No Bugs Found!

Fill out the form and book our certified specialists for an audit.

How BlockApex Changed The Game?

Wanna know how BlockApex does the audit? It’s just three simple steps


Once you send us your query, our consultation team would swiftly get in touch with you.


Audits are performed by two independent teams aloing with the results reviewed by the chief auditor.


The findings are then reviewed by the client which also includes mitigation for vulnerabilities.

BlockApex Journey

Protocols were hacked that BlockApex Audited

Of assets secured

Of vulnerabilities identified by our audits are form financial architecture and protocol logic




Services We Offer

Smart contract Audit

Our comprehensive security audits for EVM/rust-based smart contracts incorporates Static Analysis Tooling... Read More

DApp Security

Our in house Security Engineers are proficent in Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing of cross-platform ... Read More


We help build rock-solid Tokenomics and provable Financial Models for Defi protocols from scratch as well as improving the existing security, scalability and profitability... Read More

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Let's join forces to protect and safeguard the move towards a decentralized world and fortify Web2 and Web3.

Case Studies/Audit Reports

Lightlink Bridge: BlockApex WhiteBox Code Review Report

the source code review of Lightlink Bridge Validator and Keeper. The purpose of the assessment was to perform the whitebox testing of the Bridge’s validator and Keeper before going into production and identify potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Your Data, Your Rules: The Blockchain Way

Data has become the vigor of the digital age, powering industries, economies, and societies worldwide. Whether personal information, financial records, intellectual property, or trade secrets, data is the driving force behind decision-making, innovation, and business operations. However, data security has emerged as a paramount concern with the increasing digitization of our lives and businesses.

BonqDAO - February 3, 2023

The BonqDAO security breach that occurred on February 2, 2023, had far-reaching consequences for the platform, its users, and the wider DeFi ecosystem. The attack exploited a vulnerability in the integration of the Tellor Oracle system, which BonqDAO relied on for obtaining token price information.

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